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The Harlow Aikido Club trains in the Shudokan style of Aikido a variation of Yoshinkan Aikido. Founded by Gozo Shioda during the second World War. among Aikido practitioners Yoshinkan Aikido is considered the "hard" style of Aikido, famously used in the Tokyo Riot Police as part of their senshusei training.


When & Where to find us:

Every Monday and Wednesday 8pm-10pm

The Link Social Club, Parsloe Road
Harlow, Essex

CM19 4RT

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Who are we:

Chief Instructor: Roger Evans 4th Dan Aikido, 1st Dan Judo

Andy Garner 2nd Dan; BAB Coach Level 1 award

Marek Kasprzykiewicz 2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido, 1st Dan Shudokan Aikido, 1st Kyu Judo; BAB Coach Level 1 award

James Moore 1st Dan; BAB Coach Level 1 award

What does it cost.

Each 2 hour session costs £6.

Insurance per year is £20 (£25 for the first year)

A Gi (Traditional clothing for Aikido, Judo & Jiu-Jitsu) costs around £40. For the first few lessons sports attire is acceptable.


Training in various arts our instructors have over 30 years of experience in teaching Aikido, Judo and Karate amongst other styles.